Project Update

Hello Everyone,

Due to some material problems, Sam and I took some time to find even better images for his business.  Here are the updated prints that we’re going to use.

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Project in Process

Hello There,

I have been busy working with Sam the Barber on getting some perforated vinyl clings for his front window.  Not only is Sam a fantastic barber giving the best haircuts in the city, he also appreciates great work.  I have been working with suppliers to get the very products at the very best prices.

I have employed the services of to complete the project.  They have great prices and excellent satisfaction guarantee.

Here is the mockup of what the clings are going to look like:











here is what it looks like now:

new business cards – double sided card

businesscarddisplayhello everyone,

time waits for no man and a rolling stone gathers no moss.  ha.  it has been a long day.  my bad.  i had extra time tonight and a computer that would actually work so i thought that i would put some time and get some work done on the quiche.

i love business cards, i design cards when i have nothing else to do.  making up job and businesses just to get an idea out.  but when i comes to my own projects i tend to get in my own way.  but i thought simple, a simple calling card that would be efficient and useful.  i have quite the list of information and i like to broadcast on many different levels and mediums.  so here is version 2.0  lets see if it will actually make it to the printers office.

take care


Cinco de Mayo – coming soon

hello everyone,
Despite being as Latin as a foie gras taco,  friends in the neighbourhood love to have a reason to celebrate. and if you are celebrating why not Cinco de Mayo? family,  friends and food.  you can’t lose.
so, it is just starting the bbq season here in Ontario and it has too long since I have done a pulled pork. historically, I haven’t had a large enough bbq to smoke a pulled pork. I had to rely on smoked paprika and a crockpot. it was good but not quite genuine bbq.
this year is different. I have the means and skill to pull off a fully smoked pulled pork. I am very excited.
the picture above is a picnic roast (a cut of meat from the whole pork shoulder without the bone) which is the best that I can get in the city without ordering from a butcher which I didn’t have time for this go. stop by after Cinco de Mayo to see the pulled pork and photos of all the festivities.
all the best,