steak sandwich


hello everyone,
there are times when you have to take things in your own hands. I was going to go to a deli for a sandwich but I decided that I would make something better at home. steak sandwich with French Brie cheese and hot banana peppers. yum.

it is really easy just get a good cut of steak i used a tenderized top sirloin that had a black pepper and garlic crust. I paired that with a double cream French Brie cheese that was tangy and smooth.


so it was steak over high heat to cook. I BBQed mine but you can pan sear them as well. it just depends what you have available. my steak was 1/2″ thick be cooked very quick so keep an eye on yours. a relatively thin steak like this will cook fast so watch out you want medium rare,  medium well. mine took about 3-4 mins per side. rest the meat for about 4 mins and then plate up the Brie on a loaf of some sort(I used a little Italian loaf) top with peppers, mushrooms and/or onions. pop the top on and get to munching.

easy instructions for a nice little lunch. pair with a salad if you have room.

good eating



it started with wood chips and couple new ideas.  I managed to successfully smoke a 3 lbs. chicken with some really excellent results. the chicken was smoky and succulent. it literally melted in your mouth. so.  yay me.
but if you were following my social media feeds today you can tell that i haven’t got the process completely down yet.  I have had people suggest that i break down and buy a dedicated smoker. but that is too easy on one hand and too limiting on the other. i’m not looking to make competition bbq and i want to play around with this stuff. this is a puzzle and i have all the pieces. I just need to work out those details and that is what it is all about for me at least.

i’m taking the ideas of low and slow cooking and basic smoking techniques and making something more unique. I guess that one example that would be what i’m working towards is the kind of bbq that you see on BBQ Pit Boys. great grilling and smoking with lots of great flavours and recipes. if i wanted just to make hot dogs and grill a steak I wouldn’t bother with all this. I’m looking for new flavours and want to push the envelop.
it’s not just about meat and fire [which can be enough some days]  it about creating something unique and tasty. yes,  i will admit that I have a serious bbq habit and i’m looking to feed that need but there is so much that can be done. I have the time being a stay at home dad and I just love trying new things.
so i promise a video is coming and there will be even more as the summer gets into swing. so check back soon.
take care



Stuffed BBQ Pork Roast

hello everyone,

i was looking in the fridge trying to decide what to make for you guys and i noticed this little roast that could have been so predictable but i saw some promise. i have to say off the bat that i don’t do the grocery shopping. for one, i have no memory and will buy eggs 3 times a week if i happen to think of eggs. but the other reason is my wife is like a good deal superhero, nothing delicious on sale can escape her notice. so for the most of my cooking is looking in the fridge and hoping that the muse speaks to me.

i came across a smallish pork roast that was actually two large tenderloins smashed together and i thought that it would a great opportunity to make a stuffed bbq pork. to be honest, i had never made this before and i was going on what i remembered from food videos in the past. but since i seem to get it right the first time for some reason (i use all my luck on food) i thought that it would be a great thing to share.  i didn’t do anything amazingly new or inventive but i knew that it would be a spin to pop this roast on the bbq. i didn’t have any hardwood so i wasn’t able to smoke this roast but the searing on the outside was just perfect to change a standard dish into something amazing.

i included a rough outline of the recipe after the video but i’m not going to post one here for a couple of reasons. one, this type of cooking lends itself to any kind of stuffing as long as it bring a new flavour to the table. second, i rarely use a recipe and i tend to wing it. thridly, i like to use what is available at the time to keep things fresh and new. if people write me and want a more specific recipe i will write one out, but i would encourage you to be a little more flexible. try something new and experiment with the things that you have. try to buy local and fresh. see something that you’ve never cooked with before – give it a try.  have fun with it. but remember to have hotdogs in the freezer i case you make a huge mistake and need to feed the kids.  haha. i have done this before, not often, but it has happened that i have made some horrible mistake and eaten something that was just not right.  but that happens and you learn from it.  but it is never a disaster unless you have tried to feed kids a not-so-great meal.

all the best,


Zeppole – a different kind of doughnut

hello everyone,

i have to say right at the beginning that this was the first and only time that i have had Zeppole. i wish that i had a cooler story about some crazy family member but unfortunately there is no crazy “mama’ out there.  i have made doughnuts in the past and i have eaten enough Krispy Kreme doughnuts to count as credit for a master class. i found a recipe online and i thought that it would be tasty.

and they were tasty alright.  i have “tried” many dishes at home without the benefit of family history.  but this is a great and easy reciepe.  i had ate about half of them before i let anyone know that they were ready.  hee hee. i’m a bad cook that way.  but i always do my research and learned a great deal about these tasty treats.

i would recommend that you give these a try.

take care,