Trip to Thunder Bay part 2

hello everyone,

i’m now at home there was some video of one of the takeoffs that i recorded and i thought that i would share it. the trip was pretty productive and i did have a pretty easy trip. no problems in security that i was expecting, so i was reved to share.

hope you enjoy


Goodreads review – The Copy

The CopyThe Copy by Grant Boshoff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even being a novella, i couldn’t get through this story fast enough. Not just a legal thriller, but a snapshot of the crisis between the inevitable advance of technology and the pace of the human spirit. This book had me burning through the pages until the end. Grant B. created characters that you rooted for and hated at the same time. the battle between Geoffrey and his clone mirrored the legal battles that are now being fought between those pushing for technological advance and those who wish to stop it for moral or religious reasons. haven’t we all wanted to make a clone of ourselves to try and keep up with the fantastic speed of life. what would you do if your clone began to covet the life that you wanted to live? How would you fight the legal battle of your life while trying to protect your legacy and family? this dark look at the conflicting priorities of making a name for yourself in science and being a family man left me hanging on the edge. It is the kind of book that you can’t put down, and the suspense had put a lump in my throat the entire time i read it.

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cinqo de mayo – fail


the fifth of may was going to be a great night of shared food and friends. but it was a rain out. the weather went bad and the people scattered. my bbq was finished indoors and not according to plan. very sad.  but things were still tasty just not what I was trying to demonstrate.

it was all for good anyways,  I wasn’t getting the results that i was hoping for.  I had broken my instant read thermometer and i was flying blind on temperature. I was asking too much of the bbq thermometer to be accurate enough for a long smoking session. I will have to try again on a nicer day.  just know that i tried my best, but low temperatures and pouring rain don’t mix with bbq.