Mind Dimensions Bundle Review

mind_dimensionsTime has stopped and you have walked around as the world as it is paused in it’s activity.  being able to control time and to step out of the flow is an amazing premise for a story.  the lucky thing for me on the dog-days of summer is that the execution of this idea was great. the central idea of stopping time, of not being subject to the same immutable laws that everyone else is subject to is a great thought experiment.  what would you do if you could stop time? i have have thought of this myself but never with the high-stakes story to follow it.

What would seem on the surface to be a sci-fi thriller series, these novels seek to go deeper into the depths of each of the characters and real examine the “reality” of what a world would be like with these kind of powers.  no knowing what is real or if one was even sane, the questions of morality and sanity are constantly challenged throughout this series.  a complex and suspenseful series of novels that really follows the character and probes the philosophical underpinnings of such power would be.

in the best tradition of sci-fi novels, the details of science and fantasy are blurred and the reader is taken down a road of possibility that leads to greater understanding of ourselves and the place of science in our lives.  the premise of the story opens a whole world to the reader that is populated greatly by Dima Zales with excitement and depth.  this depth is what is often missing in simple action novels.   real subjects of self-knowledge and depth of character give these novels a seat-of-your-pants ride that really makes you think.  you follow along with the characters as they struggle with their own understanding of their powers and the their relationships to the world around them.

not just a good read but a challenging storyline sets these novels apart from the crowd.  with a great idea like this it would have been enough to simply race along for adventure to adventure but the fact that the author felt it important to reflect on the nature of the world that was created made for an even better read.  Joy ride with a brain.  not content to simply get a great idea and run with it. but take a little time to explore the implications of the premise is an added bonus.  a great balance of action and logic in a series that is quick and lean.  this was a great read that challenged the very foundation that these novels were built on.  i would recommend them highly for your next read.

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Daemon Theory: Bortherhood Review

brotherhoodWhat is a best than a good book? two good books. i was lucky enough to be able to review both of the Daemon Theory books back to back, one because my memory is terrible and the other is i hate leaving a good story.  Brotherhood is the second installment in what i hope is a long series of books depicting the struggles of a band of resistance fighters 500 years after the end of the world.

the dark forces that surround these characters mirrors our daily struggle to trust world events that are beyond our power and to complete the daily tasks that we set out for ourselves.  in a world run by demons and controlled by The Order a great prophecy speaks of the end of a time where humans and demons alike are not controlled by great forces that are beyond there control.

the major themes in this series and this novel in particular are peppered through our daily lives, the trust that we seek to make a future in uncertain times and the trails of friendship and love in a world that ever distances us from our true homes.  we are lead through a great series of adventures as this group of characters fights within and without with forces beyond their control.  the tests that each character faces in the novel mirror the central topics of the novel.

another great novel and blazing read as well follow this band of misfits through the twists and turns of this post-rapture world.  grab this book and comfy place to read and sit back for a real thrill ride of a novel and also know that you’re not just reading another piece of summer fluff, the issues here are issues that we all face and i would recommend this book.

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Daemon Theory Book Review

Daemon-Theory-cover-1-9-2014Imagine, hundreds of years after the rapture has taken the faithful and left the rest of mankind to the apocalypse. humans no longer hold the top most post in the world demons rule over man like shepherds over their flock. these demons and daemons rules over mankind and we go about our lives on cursed earth.  a wicked overlord and brotherhood of demons lead the lives of a band of rebels that fight against the evils plans of a mad arch-demon who wants to be a god.

this wasteland is a fertile soil for a great story of struggle and honour in a world gone beyond the point of redemption. this is a bold story with a rich cast of characters that are pushed beyond the point of no-return, being only able to count on each other as the story unfolds.  the fast paced and epic scope is a refreshing counter-point to the inner struggles of the characters.  literately starting in a world pushed beyond madness, the issues of religion, faith and belief are tested over and over throughout this novel.

J. Alton Mast tackles some difficult issues and creates a rich world of dark mystery and future crisis.  What event could be a greater start to a tale then the end of the world.  what is left of mankind is abandoned to the fates of hell and it real turns the notion of what it is to be a human, demon or angle on it’s head. the characters are complex and detailed giving a real life to these individuals that you struggle with through endless trials.

I tore through this novel as i was dragged down into an alternative future of post-apocalyptic earth in the grip of rule by demons. beyond the obvious themes that were dealt with there was a strong development of character and the understanding of the human spirit. what could be harder than bringing together the ruling race of demons lording over a fallen world and the people that live and die in a fallen wasteland.  everything is about the balance of power and the pursuit of life against the backdrop of mankind’s worst nightmare.

i would recommend this book highly and suggest that you clear your schedule because you will not want to put the book down.

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Swimming Goggles Review- GogglX (Black Silver Frame with Black/Gold Strap)


I received these goggles in return for a fair review and that is what is will give you. these were the most comfortable and streamlined goggles i have had for years. I wear contacts and i am paranoid about getting chlorine in my lens so fit is number one for me. these came out of the box like they were customer made. the 3 eye spacers gave a fantastic variety of size to work with so even if you’re hard to fit i’m sure that you’re going to work these out. but for me they came out of the box with a light and snug fit that was reassuring and comfortable. the silicone eye cups were the perfect size, enough to feel confident that the lenses weren’t going anywhere but not enough to curl in and bug your eye. the crossed straps are a easy but great upgrade from the single strap i was using and with short hair i didn’t feel digging or tugging on my scalp. lens tint and quality were great and even helped your vision underwater. which can be useful when avoiding obstacles in the lane. I used them first late at night and the tinting wasn’t overpowering but they were great outdoors when the sun was coming of the water. I have sensitive eyes and i take great care to keep them happy. these goggles were premium fit and finish at a reasonable price. I I did get my for free but my two daughters made me promise to get them pairs of their own. pick yourself up a pair your eyes will thank you.

Aukey 12000mAh Power Bank Review


rarely you get what the label on the box says but this isn’t the case here. Aukey has done the right thing, created a 12000 mAh battery that shovles so much power into two separate devices at the same time is amazing. it is light weight considering it is a largeish sized battery. it has come in handy a number of times already and it has survived the greatest challenge ever – my daughters. it has been passed around and dropped once or twice and it is still brand new. the LED flashlight helped me one night when I was looking for my phone and i didn’t want to turn on the light and  risk waking my wife. it is a great product that really delivers what it says I does and it really can charge 4 phones back to back without a top up. that includes my lg g3 which had a 3000 mAh battery to charge. if you need portable power then this product deserves serious consideration.
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Flamen 5-Piece Stainless-Steel BBQ Set with Non-Slip Handles review


I received these BBQ tools and i was impressed by the weight of the box. these are premium quality tool made from quality stainless steel and are resistant to weather as i found out after I left them in the rain. they looked like new and we’re ready to go for more BBQing. all those blades were supper sharp and worked great. the thongs were heavy duty and we’re even stressed by lifting the heavy grate. if you want heavy duty but attractive tools for your next BBQ then these are the tools that you’re looking for.

DarkLight – High Powered Multipurpose Waterproof Headlamp

imagehello everyone,
i received the DarkLight – High Powered Multipurpose Waterproof Headlamp free to review for a honest review and it has been easy to be excited about this headlamp. i have had them in the past and used them on many occasions and have always liked the idea of these items. i used to use one to read read in bed but i was always a little annoyed that you couldn’t dim the light to save on batteries. i have to say that the DarLight is a great product that was well thought out. the functions of the lamp are easy and the buttons are coded to tell which lamp is which. The main light has 4 settings, on full power, on half power, flashing and off, but the magic is the secondary lights on the side of the main lamp. they are red LEDs that light up but don’t kill your night vision or attract too much attention. the red LEDs are super bright and i have to say that i have used them the most as it makes getting around at night easier and doesn’t wake people up. the head straps are super comfy and adjust perfectly to the head and the entire lamp body rotates 90 degrees downward so that you can get light exactly where you want it. i have been out in a heavy downpour and there was no problem with water leaks, i can’t say that it is completely waterproof as i haven’t taken it into the bath or pool. but the rugged construction and bolted closure makes me feel that it is as waterproof as it says. it runs forever on 3 AAA batteries which i haven’t had to change yet since i received the product.

my overall review is that this light and rugged headlamp is a great product, high quality materials make it easy to rely on. the dual light system is completely brilliant and has come in handy so many times. i would say that if you’re looking for a headlamp for yourself this should be your top choice at this price range. i have tried many headlamps that are much more expensive and offer much less. this comfy and easy to use lamp is a super value and a great buy. you should check one out for yourself.

all the best

GardenHOME Portable Fire Pit – Review

hello everyone,
another great product review folks, today, it is the gardenHOME portable firepit. this product was received for free in exchange for a honest review as. usual and it was a great surprise.

the firepit came ready to install and it took about 3 mins to tighten the six screws. once together the fire pit was on my deck and full of wood. the grate a the bottom of the round bowl was great for making a fire on. with the fire lit all that was left was to sit back and enjoy. i started a pretty big fire which you’re not supposed to do. you’re supposed to start. a small fire and build up slowly to avoid thermal shock but the pit was tough enough that there was no problem.

use was simple and easy with included screen dome and poker/lifter leaving me with nothing to do but make s’mores and cook hotdogs.

once done with the fire i left it to cool and brushed out the ashes. it packed away into the travel bag provided and i tossed it in the trunk to use at the beach (which went just as well as the home use). i would say that light and compact fire pit was a great product and i will be enjoying it for the rest of the summer.

take care,
normand p

Book Review – When The Sky Fell

skyfellHello Everyone, I just read the greatest book that i wanted to share with you, now up front i did receive this book for a fair review, just so you know. but this book was awesome, i really liked the fresh take on the space opera, it was new and exciting. usually this is not my favorite area of science fiction books because of the long windedness and endless pages. this book was tight and lean, but created a wonderful universe that you could get lost in for days. quick action and great plot twists kept me firing through those pages like laser blasts (which there were a whole bunch of). there was a strong religious under tone that was surprising these days, as most authors stray away from what can be a contentious area. but this was dealt with the subject with respect and didn’t beat the reader over the head with it. but this book really had a unique point of view and brought the reader through quite a ride. set in the distant future where the Earth faces a unstoppable enemy we’re confronted with a protagonist that is facing not only the loss of his crew but the extinction of the human race. Along side him, is a great line of minor characters we are introduced to at an impossible moment where the fate of this universe hangs in the balance. When The Sky Fell was totally worth the read and i was crunched into a little ball as i read the last few chapters. i would totally recommend you check this book out.
take care,

Official Review – Sky3 – Emerald Mara

Sky3 – Emerald Mara is another seat of your pants rocket ride through the wild world of Sky. This is the third installment of the series and the action has never let up for a minute. the challenging and complex thriller about a world on the brink will have hooked. the author loves my reviews but i love his work and i’m not about to mince words. these books are great, fast paced enough that you can’t put them down but interesting enough that you can’t stop thinking about them when you put them down. i have to wait for the next installment and i’m not sure how i will make it. William Amerman has really created a fantastic world and i’m counting the minute until he publishes the next book.
take care,

i received this book in return for a honest review: all opinions are my own.