poster design

hposterello everyone,

inspired by the poster making i thought that i would whip up a poster design to put up at work and show off my skills.  i was thinking that it would be a great mailer as well.  using the simple colour pallet and design that my site is know for i wanted to give as many ways to get a hold of me as possible.  i love qr codes. i really do.  they are some of the best industrial design elements out there.  there is just something so future-rific about them.  i like to include them because i use them at every opportunity.  they are so handy and they have that “one the spot” handiness that you can’t beat.

this design is based of my business cards but is one sided to take advantage of the half-page design.  i can use these for many different applications and i can really see them attracting attention when they go up against other flyers and posters.  the unusual size lends a little more attraction quality. well, that’s enough for one day and i hope that you enjoy the design.

all the best,


More Fitness Projects

BODYWORK_smFinding clients can be hard with a day job but i did manage to snag a project for a local fitness trainer that was looking for a flyer design for his business.  Aashisd was looking to show off (literally) his skills in training and this was the result. as a personal trainer like in any job the proof is in the outcome.  through his knowledge of fitness and nutrition he was able to sculpt a nearly perfect body and he is ready to share his knowledge and personal experience.  i love showing off my work here because it has much the same effect.  you can see what 20 years of experience can bring even to the most simple project.  there are no small project only small minds.  i wanted to have something fresh that would show off the hard work that he has put into his work and show off a little myself.  even on a simple flyer there is a opportunity to have flare.

the use of bold typefaces and hard lines in the design mirror the bold and hard lines of the body.  using the customer provided image and working around the shape of the outline i was able to bring the focus to each area of the poster while preserving a overall look that was easy on the eyes but bold.  trying to keep the focus on Aashisd was the challenge in this piece. making something functional and beautiful is the line that you need to skirt along.  there is always a point where you can go too far and start taking away from the overall composition but one needs to serve the actual purpose of the piece.  this is simply a flyer.  meant to show off the skill and knowledge but also to convey information.  it wouldn’t be enough to just put up flyers of yourself around town and hope that someone would figure out how to get a hold of you.  you need to convey a message and a vision.  anyways, this was my latest work and i wanted to share what i was up to with you.

take care,