An Intro – Finally

i was watching some of my favourite food vbloga for dinner ideas and i realized that i didn’t have an intro for The Quiche. so i was running ideas through my head and i came up with the idea of manliness through the ages. turning to stock photo shots, i put together a quick montage of manliness. there are a few jokes in it that i just have to share.

donteatquichefirst, The Quiche gets it’s name from a reaction to a book that i read when i was a kid called Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche by Bruce Feirstein. to be honest i only had a vague understanding of the book and a limited experience of manhood to compare as a kid. but, i knew that there was something in that book that resonated in mind and i read it a number of times throughout my formative years. then i got busy in the actual activity of being a man and it faded to the background. but it has always been a benchmark in my mind. a duality of manliness that pervaded my mind. at 18 i moved from montreal to london ontario and i experienced some severe culture shock. the items in this book from long ago were being played out in front of my very eyes. defining myself as a man in a different cultural environment gave this little book some real traction. i think that the role of a man is culturally under attack on all sides and the question really became real for me.

Bruce Springsteen Live In Copenhagensecondly, the image of bruce springstein has always been a touchstone of one conception of manliness. but, personally it has a even greater meaning that i will share with you.  my ex father-in-law had a difficult time fitting me into a understandable package in his mind. he was a typically tall and lanky math professor who had a strong british upbringing and had a very dualistic view of manliness. for him the image of manliness was a tough, naturally muscled man with grease on his hands. a strong, “rugged” man like bruce. it was an odd moment which turned a little awkward until i ran his sentence through my head a few times. he was trying to compliment a body type that was very different from his own and had made a slight social mis-step . To be fair, i am a stocky man who doesn’t need to workout to carry a fair amount of muscle on my frame. but i can still bring up that moment in my head to make myself laugh till i fall over.

1122finally, the idea of manliness has changed so much over history that it is really hard to say that if you think. I mean that there was some point history where your idea manly was manly. but then the idea of manliness is so culturally and historically based that you can never really answer the “what’s manly?” question at all.  as we grow up, we cobble together a idea of what a man is and we do our best to get through the day. it is a first world problem to worry what a man is, you need time and income to decide the manly question. damn, you have to have enough food on the table to worry if it is ok that you made dinner is manly enough. i have to say that studying english, history and philosophy leaves the mind much too open for too much thought and analysis.

that’s my say and my little joke hope you like it.

all the best,



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