Raw Spice Bar – Unboxing

hello everyone,

i received my first delivery from my Raw Spice Bar (.com) subscription and i am really impressed.  My wife got me this subscription as a surprise and i could be happier.  (thanks hun) From the video you can see that i got 3 individual spice blends that highlighted the cooking style of that region.  this month it was Peru, and i was quite curious about because i knew nothing about that type of cuisine.

the spice blends that i recieved:

Pink Peppercorn Blend – a mix of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Pink Peppercorns.

Peruvian Spice Rub – Smoked paprika, ancho chilles, cumin and Mexican Oregano

Aji Amarillo Spices – a fruity blend of aji amarillo chiles and other spices to pack a lot of taste in with a little heat.

the spices came mixed and ground ready for the cooking and smelling awesome.  I can’t get over the difference that fresh spices makes and i can’t wait to try these out.  for those of you who have an serious dietary restrictions you might be looking elsewhere. the allergy information says that these mixes are made in a commercial kitchen where diary, nuts, soy and wheat are used – so be careful. but for those of you without these restrictions this service is great.

the size of the packets is small but then again it is meant to be used fresh and is intended for a few servings per packet.  for the price it is a good value to get super fresh spices. the only one that i have tried is the pink peppercorn blend, it went unto a great steak sandwich and was much enjoyed.  I thought that it might be a bit much to ask of a simple  blend to stand up to a streak sandwich but it certainly did steal the show.  for my efforts i was rewarded with a big fruity pepper flavour from the pink peppercorns and the sea salt had a wonderful briny flavour that rounded off with a ‘fresh air’ feel in the mouth.  It was a bright and clear in the seasoning (like high tide on a windy day) and meaty earthiness of the steak.  i was shocked and ravenous. the greatest shock so far is the suggest the pink peppercorn blend be used over sweets. i sprinkled some over some french vanilla ice cream. blew. my. mind. the sea salt and peppercorn took something like ice cream to a whole new level. complex, sweet and spicy. just amazing.

overall. i am very happy with my first month and i am really looking forward to next month’s surprise region.  don’t forget that i will be posting one of the recipes that i have made using the seasonings from this Peruvian adventure.

all the best,



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