OKRA – Bluetooth Music Receiver

when my wife gave me this product to review i wasn’t sure what I would do with it or if I would be able to get this working at all. but as always my wife turned out to be awesomely right. again. haha.
the Okra Bluetooth Music Receiver is a really great product and i’ll break it down for you. first, I am the only guy in my house but i tend to run all the errands in the house. so my music tastes are really different from my family so i always carry music on my phone and thought that was good enough. but when I streamed music from my phone to the stereo in my car i was blown away at the quality of the sound. I listen to a bunch of music but i mostly listen to house music – rich bass beats and simple vocals. I was impressed as to how clear and smooth the sound was and i had forgotten just how much I liked the tracks that i was listening to. the sound for a cheap mp3 over a Bluetooth cellphone connection was clear and rich. not the stuff of audiophiles but great for the trip to the grocery store with the windows open.
the charging and setup was super easy, i just plugged it into my USB rooter and i charged in about an hour as far as I can tell. but i did have a snag connecting to it with my phone but after a 5 minute sidetrack on Google and i was ready to go. no complicated setup or adjustments. once my phone remembered how to connect to Bluetooth I was ready to go. no complicated power up sequence or button pressing magic – just on, off and connecting. easy.
imagei have an HHR from Chevrolet which is a bit unusual so i won’t go on about the dongle hanging in space on my car but the audio lead was a bit short but it was so light and small that it didn’t matter but i got the idea for a small stick-on Velcro piece to stick it to the dash (it’s new home until the end of time).
charging isn’t a problem for this little guy you can either use the included USB cable or the USB cable that comes with most android phones. either way it took about an hour to charge and it’s been going for a couple hours. nice thing about it using the same usb cord as my phone is i can change it while it is playing. so i can charge my phone then the Bluetooth after. excellent.

overall this is a great product that was well thought out and executed. at this price you can go wrong if you’re looking to stream audio from a Bluetooth device.

take care,


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