Swimming Goggles Review- GogglX (Black Silver Frame with Black/Gold Strap)


I received these goggles in return for a fair review and that is what is will give you. these were the most comfortable and streamlined goggles i have had for years. I wear contacts and i am paranoid about getting chlorine in my lens so fit is number one for me. these came out of the box like they were customer made. the 3 eye spacers gave a fantastic variety of size to work with so even if you’re hard to fit i’m sure that you’re going to work these out. but for me they came out of the box with a light and snug fit that was reassuring and comfortable. the silicone eye cups were the perfect size, enough to feel confident that the lenses weren’t going anywhere but not enough to curl in and bug your eye. the crossed straps are a easy but great upgrade from the single strap i was using and with short hair i didn’t feel digging or tugging on my scalp. lens tint and quality were great and even helped your vision underwater. which can be useful when avoiding obstacles in the lane. I used them first late at night and the tinting wasn’t overpowering but they were great outdoors when the sun was coming of the water. I have sensitive eyes and i take great care to keep them happy. these goggles were premium fit and finish at a reasonable price. I I did get my for free but my two daughters made me promise to get them pairs of their own. pick yourself up a pair your eyes will thank you.


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