Mind Dimensions Bundle Review

mind_dimensionsTime has stopped and you have walked around as the world as it is paused in it’s activity.  being able to control time and to step out of the flow is an amazing premise for a story.  the lucky thing for me on the dog-days of summer is that the execution of this idea was great. the central idea of stopping time, of not being subject to the same immutable laws that everyone else is subject to is a great thought experiment.  what would you do if you could stop time? i have have thought of this myself but never with the high-stakes story to follow it.

What would seem on the surface to be a sci-fi thriller series, these novels seek to go deeper into the depths of each of the characters and real examine the “reality” of what a world would be like with these kind of powers.  no knowing what is real or if one was even sane, the questions of morality and sanity are constantly challenged throughout this series.  a complex and suspenseful series of novels that really follows the character and probes the philosophical underpinnings of such power would be.

in the best tradition of sci-fi novels, the details of science and fantasy are blurred and the reader is taken down a road of possibility that leads to greater understanding of ourselves and the place of science in our lives.  the premise of the story opens a whole world to the reader that is populated greatly by Dima Zales with excitement and depth.  this depth is what is often missing in simple action novels.   real subjects of self-knowledge and depth of character give these novels a seat-of-your-pants ride that really makes you think.  you follow along with the characters as they struggle with their own understanding of their powers and the their relationships to the world around them.

not just a good read but a challenging storyline sets these novels apart from the crowd.  with a great idea like this it would have been enough to simply race along for adventure to adventure but the fact that the author felt it important to reflect on the nature of the world that was created made for an even better read.  Joy ride with a brain.  not content to simply get a great idea and run with it. but take a little time to explore the implications of the premise is an added bonus.  a great balance of action and logic in a series that is quick and lean.  this was a great read that challenged the very foundation that these novels were built on.  i would recommend them highly for your next read.

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