About The Quiche

postera simple guy and computer. that is how everything begins and it is where i do most of my work.  i have been using a camera since the age of 7 and i have been around the world a bit. i have loved to shot and design. i was born and mostly raised in montreal which is one of the great food cities, the bistros and delis where always calling to me. my dad taught me the most about how to enjoy life and to eat food with passion.  i lost him young, but he has been in my heart whenever i have gone. the love of life and art was something that i learned from him.

i worked my way through university and college, mostly i have always gravitated to design as my work. life was busy, but it was an amazing time of creativity and learning. but those lessons have never really left me. being in london, ontario has been an interesting experience, it isn’t montreal but the different communities

i had an opportunity to travel to south east asia (singapore and malyasia) which was something that i thought i would never be able to do but i found myself in the most amazing melting pot of art from around the world and the art influence of cultures that have been crossing over each other for hundreds of years. from the tiny little design shops and dali statues was a deginer’s dream came alive. it was a formative experience in my cooking and it was also an artistically changing place to be.

i work full-time but design and art are my passion.  i have been working in the industry for over 20 years and have been in many different job roles i have been central to many big design projects.  working for organization as large as Alumni Western and mom&pop stores i have the experience to bring the very best of design to your business at a fraction of the cost of any other design house in the city.  just cause i’m small doesn’t mean i don’t have the connections to get your project done on time and on budget.  I have contacts throughout the country and have been recognized for my unique style and approach.   by not having any overhead of a fancy building or full-time staff i’m able to bring the very latest of design at affordable prices.  in a recession, one would think that it is time to trim sails and save money, but it is the time to stand out with the very best advertising.  being independent i can move with the times and stay fresh.  you want the very best for your business and you want to get more for your money.  The Quiche is the right place for you.

i’m not just starting out but i still have lots to learn but this is something that i can do between getting kids to school and working full-time. so keep checking back to see what i have been up to and i guarantee i will always be up to something.

all the best,