How i do it

missioncontrolthe kitcheni wanted to share how i go about making my movies and i like to share my years of experience in photography with you. it can be simple and cost effective if you follow a few easy steps that i’ll show you.

lgg2the camera:to be honest most smartphones are powerful enough and of high enough resolution to serve the entry to intermediate photographer. I use my lg g3 smartphone to film all the videos I use on this site and i see no reason to upgrade. all the videos are going to end up on YouTube and my phone provides HD quality videos. so starting is really easy and simple, you can get a higher quality camera if you want but i’m just saying that you can use what you already have.

hotlightsthe lights: the one step up that I have is a set of hot lights with compact fluorescent daylight colour corrected bulbs. what does that mean for you? I spent about 200$ dollars on some professional lighting equipment so that i could have consistently coloured light in all my videos. but you can use the lights that you have in the kitchen or film when it is bright outside. I would just suggest that you use as much light as you can, it makes a difference with the quality of the output. it doesn’t have to photo lights but just being consistent about the lighting throughout the video. video to video colour changes are not a big deal but in the same video you should try to keep the lighting them same. colour plays a big role in cooking because golden brown can look different depending on the lighting.

corel-videostudio-pro-x613-100034024-origthe software: using the video editor that comes with your computer like moviemaker for windows and imovie for Mac is fine. the programs have more than enough features to take you to the intermediate level with no problems. if you are curious, I personally use corel videostudio pro x8 on a Windows system. I find it has a few features that i liked which I couldn’t get in movie maker.

conclusion: getting into videos is cheap and easy, just take the time to practice and play with the stuff that you have. don’t let just having the basics stop you from expressing yourself. take a chance and get out there. everyone started somewhere and know that you’ll be an old pro before you know it.

take care,