Dollar Shave Club Review

hello everyone,
i just wanted to say how much i love dollar shave club, i get great quality razors for an amazing price.  now it does cost more than a dollar in canada but it is still a great deal.  they have 3 different razors that can send you and they allow you to go every other month if you’re like me and don’t have to shave everyday for work.  i use the 4x, it is a four blade head and has a smoothing strip on the bottom.  but what i like the most is these razors are actually sharp, i know that is a strange concept but true.  i get a great shave that is nice and clean without the huge markup.  just so you know i am giving my opinion without any remuneration and because i love a great deal.

take care


Farm Boy Find

hello everyone,
I had made a quick trip to farm boy this morning for smoked ham leg for Easter and saw a new addition to the delivery counter. after a sample (yes the deli will give you a sample of anything in the case) I was hooked. prager ham, a delightful smokey prosciutto style ham. wonderful texture and the smokey taste makes for a great snack. I would recommend it highly as something to add to your next snack time.

technical difficulties

wpid-wp-1425411358341.jpegmeanwhile back at the ranch…we had the typical soul crushing technical issues and the quiche was down.  fear not my friends the quiche shall rise again.  further details will be posted.