Project Update

Hello Everyone,

Due to some material problems, Sam and I took some time to find even better images for his business.  Here are the updated prints that we’re going to use.

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Project in Process

Hello There,

I have been busy working with Sam the Barber on getting some perforated vinyl clings for his front window.  Not only is Sam a fantastic barber giving the best haircuts in the city, he also appreciates great work.  I have been working with suppliers to get the very products at the very best prices.

I have employed the services of to complete the project.  They have great prices and excellent satisfaction guarantee.

Here is the mockup of what the clings are going to look like:











here is what it looks like now:

New marketing materials


New Ebook Package

Hello Folks,

Are you a aspiring writter or an established author? I have made the process of gettin your Ebook ready for the marketplace looking it’s finest. Cover art and chapter images are included in the unique layout design that will set your work apart from the rest.  A professional design that will have your raw text ready for the latest Ereaders and app platforms.  No guess work about cost or going to a designer that might limit your works final acceptance to any platform.  From your raw text to a finish work for one simple price.   No longer will you have to feel that the look of your finished work will set you back. Inquire today about your Ebook.

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New Portfolio Item

Hello Everyone,

i have recently finished a design project and i wanted to share with you guys.  the project was for a sales document for a management advisory service.  They were looking for a better layout and organization of their major sales driver.  the project was meant to be a number of pdfs that would attached to inquiry emails.  with that i was given the freehand to make a presentable and easy to read documents.  here are the highlights from the project.  (the actual sales text has been blurred out to protect the copyright of the client).

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Now accepting credit cards 

Hello everyone, 

Thanks to the i’m now able to accept all credit cards. So for your next design project you can now pay by credit card. The process is easy and seemless to you the client. No longer do you have to have the cash or money transfer,  you can be billed directly to your credit card. Great for small businesses or people with expense accounts that getting a cheque cut is a difficult process. With the low surcharge of 4% you can either swipe or email your credit card information and have the peace of mind that comes from being able to use the payment type that suits you best. Inquire now about your next project and enjoy the freedom of paying by credit card.

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