New Portfolio – Live Version


Hey folks,

I have been working for the last couple of days and i have put together a reasonable portfolio that could show off a little of my work. Click on the image above or follow the link above for this work in progress. But i have posted a pdf version of my portfolio for download if you prefer. Let me know what you think.

Take care


under maintance

It has been a while coming but so many things got in the way. But i have some extra time right now and i wanted to finally get this site completely up and running. A new portfolio is coming with the most complete collection of my work over the years. But it takes time to go over discs and hard drives for all the scattered work that I have done but it will be coming soon. I will also be posting more often with the fruits of my labours and hope to find some little treasures along the way.

Personally things have sucked a little lately but i’m using the experience to learn and grow. Trying to please everyone all the time doesn’t work and there are just some people that you can’t work with. But enough of that stuff, keep checking in to see what’s going on and keep up with the latest changes.
Take care

life. don’t talk to me about life

marvinwondering what i have been up to since my last post…mostly life. 2 colds, bronchitis and slipped disc in my back. it has been a tough time just keeping time with my day job and recovery. i have used all my sick days and can only call in dead from this point forward. getting things together and looking for a new day job. but i will posting more regularly so check back in for new developments.
happy easter

Pepe – The new team member

pepe_backgroundhello everyone,

i wanted to introduce the newest member of the team – Pepe.  He is a 2015 chevy sonic and he’s is fully loaded.  i have been looking for second car for the family since i have been working and i have been looking for a good deal.  this was the best time of year to get a car and with a little help from melissa i was able to get Pepe.  he currently is being shown as he came from the factory but i would like to QUICHE him up and get some advertising for the business.  i am really looking forward to his facelift and it will be great to have the free advert.  but right now he’s a peppy and practical car that will serve all my business and personal needs.  so say hello to my new little friend…

take care,


photo credit: normand corbeil



merry christmas


i just wanted to post a quick note to wish everyone a happy holiday and new year.  the quiche will celebrating with the family and will be back in the new year with new projects and stories

all the best


mission control


hello everyone,

christmas for me has come a little early.  i got my desk as my main gift for the year, but instead of getting on christmas say my wife decided that since i was the only person that could lift the box from the car to the house that i should get it early.  it’s a great upgrade. i have always loved the L shaped shaped desk from it functionality but it looks great where it is.  i like to think of it as mission control but i have always been a big space geek and even had a model space rocket and launcher. but anyways, i thought that i would share.

have a happy holiday,


some portfolio items – Alumni Western

hello everyone,

while i was working on my new portfolio site, i wanted to share a few highlights over the next of projects that i have worked on.  this is a series of project that i did for Alumni Western, they had created a online mentoring project and need promotional materials to send along to students and alumni to advertise the new service.  this was a few years ago but it was one of the largest projects that i had at the time and was very important to me because i was given so much latitude in the design process.  in connection to this mentoring project i was permitted to design the mailout that came directly from the president of western at the time.  it was a great honour because he was very media conscious and was very picky about how he was portrayed.  check back in for more blasts from the past.

take care,

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