poster design

hposterello everyone,

inspired by the poster making i thought that i would whip up a poster design to put up at work and show off my skills.  i was thinking that it would be a great mailer as well.  using the simple colour pallet and design that my site is know for i wanted to give as many ways to get a hold of me as possible.  i love qr codes. i really do.  they are some of the best industrial design elements out there.  there is just something so future-rific about them.  i like to include them because i use them at every opportunity.  they are so handy and they have that “one the spot” handiness that you can’t beat.

this design is based of my business cards but is one sided to take advantage of the half-page design.  i can use these for many different applications and i can really see them attracting attention when they go up against other flyers and posters.  the unusual size lends a little more attraction quality. well, that’s enough for one day and i hope that you enjoy the design.

all the best,


More Fitness Projects

BODYWORK_smFinding clients can be hard with a day job but i did manage to snag a project for a local fitness trainer that was looking for a flyer design for his business.  Aashisd was looking to show off (literally) his skills in training and this was the result. as a personal trainer like in any job the proof is in the outcome.  through his knowledge of fitness and nutrition he was able to sculpt a nearly perfect body and he is ready to share his knowledge and personal experience.  i love showing off my work here because it has much the same effect.  you can see what 20 years of experience can bring even to the most simple project.  there are no small project only small minds.  i wanted to have something fresh that would show off the hard work that he has put into his work and show off a little myself.  even on a simple flyer there is a opportunity to have flare.

the use of bold typefaces and hard lines in the design mirror the bold and hard lines of the body.  using the customer provided image and working around the shape of the outline i was able to bring the focus to each area of the poster while preserving a overall look that was easy on the eyes but bold.  trying to keep the focus on Aashisd was the challenge in this piece. making something functional and beautiful is the line that you need to skirt along.  there is always a point where you can go too far and start taking away from the overall composition but one needs to serve the actual purpose of the piece.  this is simply a flyer.  meant to show off the skill and knowledge but also to convey information.  it wouldn’t be enough to just put up flyers of yourself around town and hope that someone would figure out how to get a hold of you.  you need to convey a message and a vision.  anyways, this was my latest work and i wanted to share what i was up to with you.

take care,


new design project

1010fitnesshello everyone,
finally getting through my training at m day job and i’m getting back into design work. here is my latest news,  logo design for 10/10 fitness personal training studio, as you can see we went with a simple and clean design that would translate well from social media. the focus of the design was on the 10/10,  that is perfect fitness.  the use of impact typeface was to show the bold and dynamic world of fitness training. this was an update of a simpler design and i was hoping to get something that could go from Facebook to business card. my friend Larry was interested in fleshing up the look while keeping the simple layout. this was the result. I was really happy the way this turned out. i have some more projects coming up but I still have slots available in the schedule.  Park your time and get some professional design work at very reasonable prices.
take care,

new business cards – double sided card

businesscarddisplayhello everyone,

time waits for no man and a rolling stone gathers no moss.  ha.  it has been a long day.  my bad.  i had extra time tonight and a computer that would actually work so i thought that i would put some time and get some work done on the quiche.

i love business cards, i design cards when i have nothing else to do.  making up job and businesses just to get an idea out.  but when i comes to my own projects i tend to get in my own way.  but i thought simple, a simple calling card that would be efficient and useful.  i have quite the list of information and i like to broadcast on many different levels and mediums.  so here is version 2.0  lets see if it will actually make it to the printers office.

take care


System Upgrades

e15hello folks,
life is getting back together over at the quiche, kids are back to school and jobs are being worked out. the summer was busy and nothing that i set out to do got down. so much work that i meant to do but the kids were s much fun and such a wonderful distraction. but things are getting settled down around here as i said and now i have some great news. system upgrade time. i have been working with a rather old system and had managed to keep it working but work was slow and had a tendency to go “prap” and/or disappear. so once everything is setup you’ll see more output from the quiche. keep checking in.
take care,

Mind Dimensions Bundle Review

mind_dimensionsTime has stopped and you have walked around as the world as it is paused in it’s activity.  being able to control time and to step out of the flow is an amazing premise for a story.  the lucky thing for me on the dog-days of summer is that the execution of this idea was great. the central idea of stopping time, of not being subject to the same immutable laws that everyone else is subject to is a great thought experiment.  what would you do if you could stop time? i have have thought of this myself but never with the high-stakes story to follow it.

What would seem on the surface to be a sci-fi thriller series, these novels seek to go deeper into the depths of each of the characters and real examine the “reality” of what a world would be like with these kind of powers.  no knowing what is real or if one was even sane, the questions of morality and sanity are constantly challenged throughout this series.  a complex and suspenseful series of novels that really follows the character and probes the philosophical underpinnings of such power would be.

in the best tradition of sci-fi novels, the details of science and fantasy are blurred and the reader is taken down a road of possibility that leads to greater understanding of ourselves and the place of science in our lives.  the premise of the story opens a whole world to the reader that is populated greatly by Dima Zales with excitement and depth.  this depth is what is often missing in simple action novels.   real subjects of self-knowledge and depth of character give these novels a seat-of-your-pants ride that really makes you think.  you follow along with the characters as they struggle with their own understanding of their powers and the their relationships to the world around them.

not just a good read but a challenging storyline sets these novels apart from the crowd.  with a great idea like this it would have been enough to simply race along for adventure to adventure but the fact that the author felt it important to reflect on the nature of the world that was created made for an even better read.  Joy ride with a brain.  not content to simply get a great idea and run with it. but take a little time to explore the implications of the premise is an added bonus.  a great balance of action and logic in a series that is quick and lean.  this was a great read that challenged the very foundation that these novels were built on.  i would recommend them highly for your next read.

take care


Daemon Theory: Bortherhood Review

brotherhoodWhat is a best than a good book? two good books. i was lucky enough to be able to review both of the Daemon Theory books back to back, one because my memory is terrible and the other is i hate leaving a good story.  Brotherhood is the second installment in what i hope is a long series of books depicting the struggles of a band of resistance fighters 500 years after the end of the world.

the dark forces that surround these characters mirrors our daily struggle to trust world events that are beyond our power and to complete the daily tasks that we set out for ourselves.  in a world run by demons and controlled by The Order a great prophecy speaks of the end of a time where humans and demons alike are not controlled by great forces that are beyond there control.

the major themes in this series and this novel in particular are peppered through our daily lives, the trust that we seek to make a future in uncertain times and the trails of friendship and love in a world that ever distances us from our true homes.  we are lead through a great series of adventures as this group of characters fights within and without with forces beyond their control.  the tests that each character faces in the novel mirror the central topics of the novel.

another great novel and blazing read as well follow this band of misfits through the twists and turns of this post-rapture world.  grab this book and comfy place to read and sit back for a real thrill ride of a novel and also know that you’re not just reading another piece of summer fluff, the issues here are issues that we all face and i would recommend this book.

take care


Daemon Theory Book Review

Daemon-Theory-cover-1-9-2014Imagine, hundreds of years after the rapture has taken the faithful and left the rest of mankind to the apocalypse. humans no longer hold the top most post in the world demons rule over man like shepherds over their flock. these demons and daemons rules over mankind and we go about our lives on cursed earth.  a wicked overlord and brotherhood of demons lead the lives of a band of rebels that fight against the evils plans of a mad arch-demon who wants to be a god.

this wasteland is a fertile soil for a great story of struggle and honour in a world gone beyond the point of redemption. this is a bold story with a rich cast of characters that are pushed beyond the point of no-return, being only able to count on each other as the story unfolds.  the fast paced and epic scope is a refreshing counter-point to the inner struggles of the characters.  literately starting in a world pushed beyond madness, the issues of religion, faith and belief are tested over and over throughout this novel.

J. Alton Mast tackles some difficult issues and creates a rich world of dark mystery and future crisis.  What event could be a greater start to a tale then the end of the world.  what is left of mankind is abandoned to the fates of hell and it real turns the notion of what it is to be a human, demon or angle on it’s head. the characters are complex and detailed giving a real life to these individuals that you struggle with through endless trials.

I tore through this novel as i was dragged down into an alternative future of post-apocalyptic earth in the grip of rule by demons. beyond the obvious themes that were dealt with there was a strong development of character and the understanding of the human spirit. what could be harder than bringing together the ruling race of demons lording over a fallen world and the people that live and die in a fallen wasteland.  everything is about the balance of power and the pursuit of life against the backdrop of mankind’s worst nightmare.

i would recommend this book highly and suggest that you clear your schedule because you will not want to put the book down.

take care


Swimming Goggles Review- GogglX (Black Silver Frame with Black/Gold Strap)


I received these goggles in return for a fair review and that is what is will give you. these were the most comfortable and streamlined goggles i have had for years. I wear contacts and i am paranoid about getting chlorine in my lens so fit is number one for me. these came out of the box like they were customer made. the 3 eye spacers gave a fantastic variety of size to work with so even if you’re hard to fit i’m sure that you’re going to work these out. but for me they came out of the box with a light and snug fit that was reassuring and comfortable. the silicone eye cups were the perfect size, enough to feel confident that the lenses weren’t going anywhere but not enough to curl in and bug your eye. the crossed straps are a easy but great upgrade from the single strap i was using and with short hair i didn’t feel digging or tugging on my scalp. lens tint and quality were great and even helped your vision underwater. which can be useful when avoiding obstacles in the lane. I used them first late at night and the tinting wasn’t overpowering but they were great outdoors when the sun was coming of the water. I have sensitive eyes and i take great care to keep them happy. these goggles were premium fit and finish at a reasonable price. I I did get my for free but my two daughters made me promise to get them pairs of their own. pick yourself up a pair your eyes will thank you.